“Continents de Carton”.
Impression jet d’encre, 2013.

_IGP5699 _IGP5700 _IGP5701 _IGP5702 _IGP5703 _IGP5704 _IGP5705 _IGP5706 _IGP5707 _IGP5708 _IGP5709 _IGP5710 _IGP5711 _IGP5712 _IGP5713 _IGP5714 _IGP5715 _IGP5716 _IGP5717 _IGP5718 _IGP5719 _IGP5720 _IGP5721 _IGP5722 _IGP5723 _IGP5724 _IGP5725 _IGP5727 _IGP5728 _IGP5729 _IGP5730 _IGP5731 _IGP5732 _IGP5733


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  1. Anthony, you should replace all the photos on the top of your blog by your own photos, it would look better and more personalized.

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